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Enabling a foundation for understanding dynamic mouth behaviour in sensory and consumer research

Workshop organiser(s) and affiliation(s):

J. Beckley1, M. Jeltema1, M. Shafer2, M. P. Morgenstern3, D.Paredes4, R. Teratanavat4

1The Understanding & Insight Group LLC (USA), 2 Ingredion (USA) , 3The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research (NZ), 4 Takasago International Corporation (USA)

The term mouth behaviour was introduced in 2011 to include the role of oral processing in the understanding of texture perception and preference.  Since then, multiple research teams have begun to deepen the scope of mouth behaviour related to consumer preference.  Additionally, a useful tool was created that can reliably type individuals, and has allowed classification, globally, of four key mouth behaviour groups: Chewers, Crunchers, Smooshers, and Suckers.  The goal of the workshop is to provide an interactive forum to enable attendees to understand five key principles: 1) the origin of the mouth behaviour insight; 2) how we have been able to obtain meaningful results during the initial stages of research; 3) considerations for mouth behaviour data analysis and its subsequent integration with other data; 4) how to get mouth behaviour results that provide meaningful business results; and 5) through the utilization of real case studies, the added value of mouth behaviour discovered thus far for both sensory practices and consumer research.  These modules will be a starting point for lively breakout discussions around a) implications for attendees’ specific field of interest; b) merits and implications for further exploration and research; and c) potential challenges facing this new ‘science’.  Attendees will be able to type themselves and work with examples of retail products to understand preference differences due to an individual’s mouth behaviour.  They will leave with an understanding of dynamic mouth behaviour, how the typing tool may be a valuable adjunct to the discussion of mouth behaviour globally, and have concrete examples of strategies for implementing mouth behaviour in future projects.

Keywords: Mouth behaviour, oral processing, texture perception, typing tool.

Workshop Organiser(s):

J. Beckley, The U&I Group LLC, USA

Workshop Presentations:

1) Historical background to the creation of mouth behaviour, J. Beckley, The U&I Group LLC, USA

2) Considerations to take when utilizing the tool from implementation through analysis of the quantitative data, M.Jeltema, The U&I Group LLC, USA

3) Creation of model food systems to distinguish mouth behaviours, M. Shafer, Ingredion, USA and M. P. Morgenstern, NZ Institute for Plant and Food Research, NZ

4) How mouth behaviour makes understanding global flavours more meaningful, D. Paredes, Takasago, USA

5) Interactive sessions on relating product texture to mouth behaviour: Typing yourself, understanding the variety of foods and how mouth behaviour explains them uniquely, R. Teratanavat, Takasago, USA



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