About Us

The Understanding & Insight Group is a business, product, and strategy development firm that works collaboratively with its clients to...

  • Develop a flexible structure for understanding & insight collection
  • Implement an integrated program of research to answer questions without bias for
    • Business development
    • Product development
    • Strategy development
  • Identify core brand and category strengths and link the product experience to those strengths
  • Uncover new areas for growth...even in stable categories

The process we use is called Getting IT!®, and the results we have seen are remarkable...

  • New products launched in 1-6 months
  • Higher than average consumer acceptability scores
  • Bottom line sales results...up to 400% sales growth

All from insights never seen before...from research conducted in depth - where the consumer or customer lives and works...and from a team of researchers especially skilled in the art of interviewing and observation.

We offer richer insights, derived from fieldwork, for about the same cost as a focus group...

  • Integrated with insights from prior research
  • Backed by sophisticated quantitative designs

Our syndicated studies are designed to deliver custom level insights at a fraction of the cost! Sponsoring one of these cutting-edge studies is a great way to get your name associated with breakthrough insights and innovative approaches.

The Understanding & Insight Group also provides unique programs and services for...

We say “The World Is Our Laboratory”® because the consumer is everywhere… we harvest insights from across the country and around the world.

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To find out more about how The Understanding & Insight Group can help make a difference in building your business, contact us.

The U & I Group®
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