Our Logo and Mascot

U&I logoThe graduated color of the logo reflect the progressive growth of connective ideas and psychological insights that are the basis for providing greater business and brand values. The ampersand represents the crucial collaboration between our clients and us: “You & I.”

The chameleon’s ability to adapt to its environment is a miracle nature gave it to help it survive. Just as it adjusts its colors to match its environment, successful brands need to adapt to the ever–changing marketplace, not only to survive and keep pace, but to anticipate, stay ahead of trends and thrive.

Like the wily chameleon which sizes up its quarry and waits for just the right moment to make its move, The U&I Group uncovers consumers’ innermost motivators and deftly formulates strategies for capturing consumers’ hearts and minds with alluring goods and services.

Nature gave the chameleon the miracle of adaptability. U&I gives you a proven way to quickly grow business value by precisely delineating and matching consumers’ deep–seated desires. Honed through experience, the U&I system provides quantifiable results…every time.

The U & I Group®
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