Jackie Beckley

Jacqueline Beckley is President and founder of The Understanding & Insight Group. She is a business innovator who can help you quickly translate complex concepts into practical applications that increase brand value and company profitability. Jackie has delivered cutting-edge presentations, business programs, and consulting projects for clients on four continents for more than two decades. She is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of consumer needs and wants around the world. Contact Jacqueline

Professional Organizations
  • American Marketing Association
  • Institute of Food Technologists
  • Product Development Marketing Association
  • European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR)
  • University of California-Davis Food Science Leadership Board
Boards of Directors
  • O’Grady Foundation (New York, NY)
  • IT! Ventures (White Plains, NY)
Editorial Boards
  • Food Processing Magazine
  • Cereal Food World Magazine – (American Association of Cereal Chemists)
  • MeatingPlace Magazine
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