Seminars & Workshops

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Seminars & Workshops
Getting It!®, how to systematically acquire, use, and combine and
maximize business data.

The Understanding & Insight Group is committed to assisting others in understand how to use their system and tools to provide greater benefit to consumers.

To that end, U&I provides the following:

  • Site specific training courses for companies, academic organizations, and not-for-profit foundations.
  • Regularly schedule training courses for business professionals, academics, educators, and philanthropists.
  • Development and support of courses and programs to increase business and academic success. Recent accomplishments include training courses at/for The Ohio State University, Cornell University, and Michigan State University.
  • Through regular contributions to publications such as Cereal Foods World, Food Processing, Food Technology, and Blackwell Publishing, The U&I Group is extending the training to include publication of step-by-step training materials and education articles.
The U & I Group®
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