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Dr. Melissa Jeltema, Vice President-Intrapreneurship, The Understanding & Insight Group, participated in a webinar on November 19, 2014, entitled: SNACK SUCCESS: Changing the way we target consumers based on their textural and experiential snack-eating preferences.
Using the JBMB Typing Tool developed by Dr. Jeltema and Jacqueline Beckley, President of The U&I Group, she showed how to access consumer mouth behaviors, understand them and apply knowledgeable insights to create ideal food textures for people-pleasing products.


As part of a "Prepared Foods" web promotion, Dr. Jeltema was joined by presenters from Innova Marketing Insights and Ingredion.


The free webinar took place on November 19, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. EST and was viewed at

For further information, contact "Dr. Jeltema"

The Wall Street Journal

Why Food Companies Are Fascinated by the Way We Eat

Texture Is Almost as Important as Taste in New Products


Texture is an area of increasing focus among food companies aiming to zero in on that perfectly crispy crunch or silky smoothness. Christine Kalvenes, vice president of innovation for Frito-Lay, and WSJ's Anne-Marie Chaker, join Lunch Break. Are you a cruncher? Or a "smoosher"?...
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The Understanding & Insight Group Honored by Edison Awards
for its innovative applied-technology process, Mind Genomics® /IdeaMap®

Denville, NJ, May 3, 2012 — Marketing Research tools took an award-winning leap forward as Mind Genomics/IdeaMap.Net was recognized by The Edison Awards for its revolutionary information-gathering and analyzation process. Created by Howard Moskowitz, President of Moskowitz Jacobs (MJI) and the late Dr. Alex Gofman of Pace University in collaboration with Jacqueline Beckley, President of The Understanding & Insight Group (U&I), the new process has forged an innovative way to comprehend different population mind-sets by using the science of experimental design and huge databases. As a result, strategies for effectively resonating with any particular population or group can be made.

The process works with any group imaginable and in any situation:

For example, knowing consumer groups’ deeply-held mind-sets can direct new product development to appeal to underlying decision-making motivators. Significantly greater market acceptance and sales have shown that this process consistently works in actual usage and as promised by the creators.

The Democratic Republic of Niger announced on the same day that the Edison Award was given to Mind Genomics, that it was opening up NICE (Niger Institute for Competitive Excellence), using Mind Genomics as the basis of new education programs to make Niger’s people, its human capital, more competitive in the world.

Presented on April 26, 2012 at The Capitale in New York, the 2012 Edison Awards winners received a bronze trophy for their achievements. The Applied Technology: Research Tools classification, in which Mind Genomics/IdeaMap.Net received an award, is one of the twelve categories of innovation honored.

The Edison Awards are named after Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) whose extraordinary new product development methods garnered him 1,093 U.S. patents and made him a household name across the world. The Edison Best New Product Awards are internationally known for recognizing and honoring innovation and excellence in the development, marketing and launch of new products and services.

The Understanding & Insight Group is a business development and products research technology firm that has significantly increased brand and product value in more than 300 successful product launches since 2000. Using purpose-built technologies and its patented process for quantifying consumer emotions, they uncover deeply-held consumer motivators and show companies how to deftly integrate them into their business strategies by creating products sought after by consumers. A proven system, It Works Everytime!®

Chameleons and Santa-Clones Make Their Mark
The Understanding & Insight Group twice honored by Hermes Creative Awards for its promotional materials.The Understanding and Insight Marketing Material Awarded Concept

New York, NY, May 20, 2008 – At first glance, Chameleons and Santa-Clones seem an unlikely mix. What they have in common is outstanding creativity that is acknowledged by The Hermes Creative Awards and judges from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals (AMCP).

The Hermes Creative Awards honored two submissions from The Understanding & Insight Group (The U&I Group). “Chameleons Reign” entry in the Integrated Marketing Materials category was honored with a Platinum Award, and the Holiday Card entitled “Santa?” won a Gold Award. The two winning works were chosen from approximately 4,000 entries from the United States and several other countries.

Featuring two notebooks, translucent divider pages and fanciful beaded beasts, “Chameleons Reign” builds on the chameleon theme that was first used on stationery and promotional materials in 2000. Chosen for its colorful adaptability and wily prowess, the chameleon is an icon for The U&I Group, a firm that quantifies consumer emotions and helps businesses adapt their products and services to meet specific consumer wants.

“Santa?” shows a series of imposter Santas, including Elvis and a dog, and illustrates how imitators are never quite like the real thing. Santa was chosen by The U&I Group to be the embodiment of deep consumer understanding because he always knows exactly what everyone wants.

The Platinum Award is presented to the most outstanding entries in the competition. It recognizes excellence in quality, creativity and resourcefulness. The works are recognized as benchmarks for the industry. About 17 percent of the entries won this award. The Gold Award is for entries that exceed the high standards of the industry norm. About 18 percent of the entries received this.

Platinum and Gold winners are listed on Hermes Creative Awards web site at

The Understanding & Insight Group is a product, strategy and business development firm dedicated to measurably increasing brand and product value by understanding deeply-held consumer motivators and deftly integrating them with pertinent business knowledge. They own a patented process for quantifying consumer emotions. Responsible for over 68 successful product launches since 2000, they have offices in Denville, NJ and Columbus, OH.

Diane Hamel

Chameleons Rule as U&I Breeds Championship Line
The Understanding & Insight Group wins American Graphic Design Award for its promotional materials: “Chameleons Times Two”

Denville, NJ, September 14, 2007 — Chameleons appear everywhere: They emblazon covers in fantastic colors and iridescent gold foil. They skitter across translucent plastic sheets. Colorful beads form three-dimensional creatures. They show up on prismatic stationary.

Acknowledging their prominent presence, Graphic Design USA salutes The Understanding & Insight Group with an America Graphic Design Award for its entry entitled “Chameleons Times Two.” Chosen from over 10,000 entries, the promotional materials will be published in December 2007 in GraphicDesignUSA Design Annual and featured on the website. The images will reach an audience of more than 200,000 creative and marketing decision-makers. Featuring two notebooks, divider pages and fanciful beaded beasts, the integrated pieces build on the chameleon theme that was first used on stationery and promotional materials in 2000.

Over a year in production, the materials required close coordination with The U&I Group and Vulcan Information Packaging of Vincent, Alabama to overcome technical hurdles. Especially challenging was the diffraction-foil treatment on the lizard-skinned notebook which houses the firm’s final reports for its well-known client companies. The other notebook, the introductory four-color version, showcases the firm’s many achievements such as its extensive industry publications, select studies and presentations and various elements that highlight the firm’s processes. Translucent divider sheets that can be customized organize the materials and allow the reader to follow the chameleon’s trail from section to section. The beaded reptile, in one of its various forms, is sent to current and prospective clients to pique interest and reinforce The U&I Group’s distinctive presence and processes.

Chosen for its colorful adaptability and wily prowess, the chameleon is the icon for The Understanding & Insight Group, a firm that quantifies consumer emotions and helps businesses adapt their products and services to meet specific consumer wants.

The Understanding & Insight Group is a product, strategy and business development firm dedicated to measurably increasing brand and product value by understanding deeply-held consumer motivators and deftly integrating them with pertinent business knowledge. They own a patented process for quantifying consumer emotions. They are responsible for over 68 successful product launches since 2000.

Now Published
Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development
Edited by Jacqueline H. Beckley, Michele Foley, Elizabeth Topp, Jack Huang & Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, 2007

To compete in today's marketplace, food product developers are under pressure to create innovative new products at a time when there are demands on them to do more with less of everything. In Accelerating New Food Product Design and Development, a group of seasoned food industry business professionals and academics show today’s food scientists, technologists, and product developers the contemporary R&D processes they need to maximize speed, quality, and efficiency.

Learn more or purchase.

Election to IFT
“Jacqueline Beckley, President and Chief Innovation Officer of the Understanding & Insight Group, Denville, NJ, was selected as a Fellow for ‘being at the forefront of innovation and change, particularly with respect to the role of sensory and psychological factors in consumer perception, and for dedicated service to IFT’.

Election as an IFT Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred by IFT for outstanding and extraordinary contributions in the field of food science and technology, as voted on by IFT Fellows. A nominee for IFT Fellow must be a Professional Member who has been a member of IFT for at least 15 years.

There were only 10 individuals conferred as IFT Fellows this year.”, 2006.

From an except that will appear in the April NYIFT Newsletter.

Annual Christmas Cards
View the Understanding & Insight
Annual Christmas Cards

Each year, we have showcased Santa as the embodiment of consumer understanding. His character represents the keenness with which The U&I Group understands what consumers really want. We use this comprehensive insight to help guide development of products that satisfy and delight people all around the globe.

December 2005
Art Contest Depicts Santa's Secrets
View the Winners

Tommy Adams, Former Linthicum Elementary School Student,
Wins Grand Prize

Baltimore, MD, Dec. 15, 2005 — Challenged by The Understanding & Insight Group, a New Jersey-based product, strategy and business development firm, students at Linthicum Elementary School near Baltimore created artwork depicting their idea of how Santa knew just what to bring everyone everywhere every year. For his sharp insight that a task so complex needed to be computerized, fifth–grader Tommy Adams of Baltimore was awarded …

January 2005
Authors John Himmelstein, Hollis Ashman, Samuel Rabino, Dorothy Minkus-McKenna, & Howard Moskowitz have been nominated for the 2005 Annual John and Mary Goodyear award for their paper, Consumer Choice for Over-the-Counter Drugs and Supplements in the Health Care Arena. The paper will be publish in Excellence in Consumer Research, March, 2005.

December 2004
Four of The Understanding & Insight Group's written projects were mentioned as part of the Top Ten New Product Introductions of 2004 as compiled by Barb Stuckey, VP of Marketing for Mattson, an independent new product development firm focused on the food & beverage industry. U&I's Jackie Beckley and Hollis Ashman identified the successful products listed below before the marketplace had spoken.

October 2004
Participated on the judging panel for the 2nd annual Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Thunderbird, The Garvin School of International Management. Teams competed by crafting an innovative new business concept for one of the sponsoring companies—including, Valvoline, Hilton and Chiquita.

September 2004
Nominated for best methodological paper of technical and innovative interest, which would add to the tools available to researchers. The Calculus of Consumer Privacy (pdf), ESOMAR Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, Sept. 2004.

Summer 2004
The U.S. Patent Office awarded The Understanding & Insight Group a provisional Patent for the following application: SYSTEM FOR CONSTRUCTION OF ALGORITHMS TO UNDERSTAND HUMAN BEHAVIOR. In addition, the Office has provided a foreign license filing.

September 2002
Interview on World Business Review
“Catalyst for Adaptive Change” (Windows Media 56K) (Windows Media 300K)

October 29, 2001
Business & Art Find Common Ground at The Aldrich (pdf)

October 2001
Crave IT! Release by McCormick & Company (pdf)

August 17, 2001
Open House at Cornell Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship

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