Tommy Adams computer wish list art
Tommy Adams
Grand Prize Winner
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Shannon Gormley, Santa and Girl With Crystal Ball
Shannon Gormley
Runner Up
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Alexis Cash, Santa and Dreaming Girl
Alexis Cash
Runner Up
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Art Contest Depicts Santa's Secrets
Tommy Adams, Former Linthicum Elementary School Student, Wins Grand Prize

Baltimore, MD, Dec. 15, 2005 — Challenged by The Understanding & Insight Group, a New Jersey–based product, strategy and business development firm, students at Linthicum Elementary School near Baltimore created artwork depicting their idea of how Santa knew just what to bring everyone everywhere every year. For his sharp insight that a task so complex needed to be computerized, fifth–grader Tommy Adams of Baltimore was awarded the Grand Prize of a $100 Target gift card. In addition, his artwork was featured on the 2005 holiday card from The U&I Group, and Tommy received 50 of them. Tommy Adams currently attends sixth grade at Lindale Middle School.

Runners Up included Shannon Gormley with her rendering of Santa peering at a gift–list writer through a crystal ball, and Alexis Cash whose crystal ball showed a girl dreaming of Christmas presents. Both Runners Up received a $50 gift card to Target.

Additional concepts portrayed Santa receiving mail from children, having a magic globe and reading wish–lists. Other artists who received Commendations and were given McDonald's gift cards included: Matthew Bacot, Chucky Kline, Nicole Kline, Kelly Marshall, Korrin McNabb, Rebekah McCullough and Clairissa Meler.

Linthicum Elementary School was presented with $250 for its participation in the contest. Its principal, Maureen Irion said, “I’m pleased art teacher Barbara Przybyszewski provided the creative challenge to our students and they embraced it. The students learned about art in a business arena and both the school and the students received a surprise Christmas gift from The Understanding & Insight Group.”

Jacqueline Beckley, President and Chief Innovator of The Understanding & Insight Group, explained her firm’s affinity with Santa: “When our company was founded in 1999, we dedicated ourselves to authentically understanding what consumers wanted in products, services and their lives from businesses. It was late in the year, and we were inspired by Santa Claus' extraordinary ability to know exactly what people wanted and to deliver those custom–made gifts.”

Each year during the winter holidays, the firm showcases Santa as the embodiment of consumer understanding. With the same keenness, The U&I Group understands what consumers really want and helps businesses develop products which satisfy and delight people around the globe.

Lineup of the Winners
Santa art contest prize-winners and teacher from Linthicum (left to right): Barbara Przybyszewski; Clairissa Meler, Nicole Kline, Kelly Marshall, Rebekah McCullough, Shannon Gormley and Alexis Cash. Not shown: Matt Bacot, Chucky Kline, Korrin McNabb, and Grand Prize Winner Tommy Adams.


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