Foundation Studies

Case Studies

The Understanding & Insight Group has partnered with Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc. to bring you a revolutionary set of foundation studies that help you see into the consumer mind. All foundation studies are based on a never-before-seen model of 30 simultaneously conjoint studies conducted online.

The current set of foundation studies includes:

Completed studies:

  • Crave IT! (an interactive brochure) ... sponsored by
    McCormick & Company
  • Give IT!
  • Drink IT! ... sponsored by Wild Flavors
  • Protect IT! ... sponsored by Guardian Life Insurance
  • Healthy YOU! ... sponsored by Haarmann & Reimer
  • Buy IT! ... sponsored by Indiana University
  • Eurocrave -- England, France, Germany ... sponsored by Firmenich and conducted in cooperation with Sensor - Europe
  • TEEN Crave IT!

Example of the Crave IT! Philosophy

Click below to see a presentation on Crave IT! and how it fits into The U&I Group portfolio of products.
Crave IT! Context (1.9 MB)

Screen shots from Crave IT!
Crave IT! Screens (406 KB)

To learn more about our Studies and other projects of The U&I Group, please contact Jackie Beckley.

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