Merging Understanding & Insight

Getting It!® is The U&I Group's proven system for understanding consumers deeply, clearly, and quickly. This proprietary process explores the unexpressed needs, feelings and thoughts of the consumer to learn what is really wanted… and not wanted. Integrated with other data, this knowledge creates a significantly more successful mix for developing marketable products and services that mirror consumer aspirations.

Model For Understanding & Insight

We help you to UNDERSTAND the consumer and the marketplace by:
  • Assimilating total knowledge within the company.
  • Determining and targeting knowledge gaps.
  • Building on existing knowledge for learning.
  • Enabling you to experience your product or service as if you were the consumer.
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We help you gain INSIGHT for consumer solutions by:
  • Getting curious — asking "why?" about everything.
  • Developing connections with consumers and customers.
  • Digging deeper through conversation.
  • Exploring the unexpressed needs, feelings, and thoughts of the consumer to learn what is really wanted... and not wanted.
  • Understanding the impact of context.
  • Listening to intuition.
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Then we help you to take action on the insights you've just learned!
The U & I Group®
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